How to Hire a Magician - Using a Magicians Point of View Camera

Watching your guests enjoying the magician at your event is all part of the fun of hiring a magician, but as the host you're going to be far to bust socialising to capture all the magicial moments.

A popular option that you can choose is a magicians point of view camera. It's a small device that the magician wears on his or her jacket or shirt, to capture the magic from the magician's point of view. If you request one of our magicians to wear a camera, you'll receive a short video after the event that presents all the images captured.

The footage is raw, live, and full of action. As the magician and guests are moving around, some of the images are out of focus, or slightly blurred, it's not supposed to be a perfectly frames shot of your guests, that's the job of your event photographer. Instead, it's a fly on the wall recording of your guests having fun.

 The camera takes pictures automatically using 5 senses:

Colour changes

When the camera finds something it feels is worth capturing it will automatically take an image.  The result is a complete diary of your guests being entertained.

The magician will check with your guests that they are happy for him or her to film the magic, most people love this and will often ask for a copy for themselves.

Having this short video slideshow of the magic, is so much fun to watch after the event, and the video can be shared with your guests. Corporate clients especially like using the video to send to their guests as a recontact, or post on their company facebook page or internal forum groups.

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