Dominic Reyes Magician - Audience Reactions with Magician Camera

Yesterday, we sent out Dominic Reyes to perform close up magic at a drinks and Canap├ęs party at London's South Bank. One of the options that is proving very popular with clients is a 'fly on the wall' video of our magicians performing for their guests.

Here's a short video from the magicians point of view, mixing with the guests through the evening and performing close up magic:

Most events will have a photographer present to capture all the fun, but our professional magicians camera option is a great way for our clients to receive a fun snapshot of everyone enjoying the party and being amazed by the magician. 

The device is worn discreetly by the magician and captures hundreds of images through the evening automatically. It's then edited and any unwanted images are removed, before being sent to the client that books our magicians. 

The service is proving to be very popular, especially when it's shared around the clients office after the event. It's a great way for companies to recontact their guests to share the video, and continue their conversations at the same time.

If you would like this option at your event, make sure you mention it to our event team and they will be happy to set it up for you.

Some of the audience reactions to magician Dominic Reyes:

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