Magicians Performing at UK Casinos

Aspire Casino Ask Magician Dominic Reyes to use his magic

Professional Magicians were asked to help Aspire casino's launch their new membership cards. We sent professional magician Dominic Reyes to their launch event to mix with the guests and show them some magic.

Dominic Reyes performing magic in Casino

Dominic mixed with the guests and performed close up magic for them. He reported that many of the guests were looking for advice and help at the gaming tables, but being a magician, Dominic was not allowed to play.

Magician Dominic Reyes performing close up magic for casino guests

Casino magician Dominic Reyes performing magic tricks

The main feature of the event was to change the membership cards for the casino. Sometimes a client will need some magic created on the spot with their new product. Our magicians can instantly create something magical that helps communicate the message of the event. On the night, Dominic was asked if he would use a little magic to help update the casino membership cards. He did this on the spot and it was recorded by a guest:

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