Professional Magician Dominic Reyes Performs The Cup and Ball Trick Live

Professional magicians artiste, Dominic Reyes was booked thought the agency to entertain guests at a wedding. The bride and groom asked to film him as he entertained guests at their tables during the wedding breakfast. 

We wanted to post the video here, as it's a great example of the difference a professional magician can make. Watch the video and notice how engaged the guests become with the magic. Professional magicians understand that it's not just about the magic. As you can see from the guests reactions, they loved the tricks, but that's only part of it. Anyone can show your guests some card tricks. The real difference is the way that the magician uses the magic to bring everyone together around the table, and create a sense of fun. 

Dominic Reyes is one of the professional magicians that we represent. if you would like to find out more about Dominic, or to check his availability, contact us here.

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