Crew Clothing Company Hire Magician Dominic Reyes for London Mayfair Party

London Magician Dominic Reyes Hired by Crew Clothing Company

Crew Clothing Company ran an event in Mayfair London and hired our top London Magician Dominic Reyes to entertain their 100 guests.We received the following review from them:

'I just wanted to tell him thank you and to let him know that he was truly amazing!  We have had some great feedback from everyone in the company and Dominic Reyes was definitely the highlight of the night.  People are still talking about him today!' - Megan Ward - Crew Clothing Company

We have been using Dominic Reyes at the agency for several years now, and he is one of our most requested London magicians. Building up a relationship with good magicians is essential for an agency to be successful.

Selecting the right style of magician for an event is quite a skill. There are a wide range of styles and formats of magic that can fit a company party or event. From cabaret style, after dinner shows, table hopping through to mix and mingle magic during canapes. The trick is (If you will excuse the pun) to match the right magician to each event. 

It's wonderful when it's done right, as the feedback from Crew Clothing points out: 'People are still talking about him today!' That's the KEY part of the feedback for us. People are still discussing Dominic's magic with each other some time after the event. It's hard to find any other form of entertainment that can stay on the audiences minds for so long. 

The venue for this event was a very trendy nightclub in Mayfair. We know that it would be a drinks and canapes event with limited space, a lot of guests and loud music. Situations like this, require magicians that can perform visual magic, without the need for a lot of 'patter'. We specifically asked Dominic to perform tricks that could be enjoyed in limited light conditions with a DJ in full swing. Good magicians can be very flexible in this respect as they have a wide range of magic tricks they have mastered to cover most performing conditions.

Our thanks go out to Crew Clothing for the booking, and also to Dominic Reyes for another great job for us.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Caroline, I had a great time with Crew Clothing Company. Those guys know how to throw a party!

    One of the guests used his iPhone to film some of the magic, when I was entertaining his group. If he sends me the footage, I will forward a copy to you.